The Pull of the Fundy Tides

A few days ago, Wolfville experienced exceptionally high tides, an event which will only happen again in 2014. The water was lapping up against the dykes, somewhat menacingly if you consider that without these barriers of rock and soil, the town would be very much underwater.

A little more and the water would have been over the old railroad tracks

The tides swallowed the expanse of marshy grasses that usually characterize the landscape as you look out into the Minas Basin. What was left was a vast body of water, uninterrupted all the way from Waterfront Park to the Blomidon cliffs.

A vast uninterrupted body of water, from Waterfront Park all the way to the Blomidon cliffs

The high tides also seemed to bring in many ducks and shorebirds.

Lesser Yellowlegs, if I am not mistaken...

Shorebirds in flight, with Blomidon in the background

Skimming the water's surface, turning in unison, a perfectly choreographed dance... or not so much?


Just before flying away, he/she was standing on one leg, giving me a strange look as I was crawling closer....


A great moment, an incredibly lucky shot...!!!






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