Saturday I went to Cape Jourimain Nature Centre to participate in the EcoArts festival. I spent the day on the beach, creating stuff out of seaweed, shells, sand, sticks and rocks, talking to few (but very nice) tourists. The sandy beach with the rusty colored rocks, PEI in the distance just across the Northumberland straight… My first endeavor reflected on the most imposing presence in the landscape: the Confederation Bridge that links the island to the mainland.

A pillar of the bridge...

Some tourists said it looked like a big, long dinosaur. In retrospect, maybe that’s what I should’ve made.

What do you think? Accurate? Or dinosaur-like?

The bridge took most of the morning and a lot of scavenging for shells and rocks and bits and pieces of whatever was on the beach.

Shells, rocks, seaweed...

Then I was bored. So I made these, which were considerable more fun to make than the dinosaur-bridge.

Mussel flowers

The crab, admittedly adds a strange element to the otherwise pleasant arrangement…

But I liked having him there. It brought life to the scene… although he was dead.

Mussel Crab garden

At the end of the day, the tide came sweeping in. As I watched it rise, I took some neat pictures.


9 thoughts on “EcoArts

  1. EcoArts Festival? I would SO love to attend an event like that.

    Reminds me of the work of Andy Goldsworthy, whom, if you are familiar with, you should Google and check out his work and the documentary film “Rivers and Tides”.

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