Midsummer skies and a puppy named Toby

It’s been a while since I last posted anything. Probably because I’ve been busy with the new addition to my family: A pup named Toby.

My older dog, Jake, is amazingly tolerant of the rambunctious creature. But he does look worried sometimes.




Meanwhile, summer’s been slowly creeping away. Once in a while, the evening sky displays some of those dazzling sunsets that fall tends to bring.

However, between rainy weather and cool nights, there’s still a good chunk of summer left, with its blue skies and high-flying clouds.













One thought on “Midsummer skies and a puppy named Toby

  1. Bonjour M,
    Merci de vous être abonnée à mon blog ! Je l’ai découvert hier seulement !
    Ici aussi l’été s’efface (il n’est jamais arrivé en fait). Belle campagne et très belles photos – superbes chiens. Le reflet de Jack dans la dernière photo est très réussi !
    Bonne journée – gros câlins à Jake et Toby.
    Bises – Lili

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