These are some drawings I have been working on. I’ve had some time on my hands lately. Time… and ideas. I used to think I couldn’t draw anything worthwhile, but maybe… Maybe I’m wrong, and all it took was some patience.

The first drawing is one of my Australian Shepherd Jake, last summer, at Silver Lake. Jake is my canine brother, my faithful outdoor adventure companion and my favourite troublemaker. Sometimes, Jake can be a disaster on four legs, a bright, amber-eyed disaster bearing a wolfish grin.

Drawing number two is of one of the seven gigantic draft horses who spend the summers on the windswept marshes behind my house. These gentle giants spend long days outside, enjoying the sun and the lush green grass. Because the wind is ever-present, they are rarely plagued by insects. They always seem very content, and also curious and friendly when approached.

The last drawing is for my sister… She knows why.

All three drawings are pencil, and were based on photographs.




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